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The Oconee RESA Professional Learning Department seeks to provide research-based, high quality, systemic, results-driven, job embedded, and standards-based professional learning opportunities for P-12 educators. The Professional Learning Department plans, coordinates, and delivers all courses, workshops, endorsements, and training events of the Oconee Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA). The Professional Learning Department offers regularly scheduled courses as well as on-request training events and custom-designed training to meet individual school and system needs. Oconee RESA is committed to building the capacity of educators in the region through courses, workshops, consortiums, and other activities. Endorsements are offered in Computer Science, K-5 Math, K-5 Science Gifted, Reading, and Teacher Support and Coaching. Other custom-designed professional learning opportunities are conducted based on system and school requests meeting the unique goals and needs of the individual school system and/or schools. Should you have a specific professional learning or service need, please contact the Professional Learning Director at 478-552-5178 ext. 214.

Participants in the programs offered at Oconee RESA must demonstrate appropriate dispositions during learning experiences.  Dispositions are moral commitments, professional attitudes, values, beliefs, and professional ethics that underlie educator performance and are demonstrated through both verbal and non-verbal behaviors as educators interact with students, families, colleagues, communities, teaching and learning.  

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Oconee RESA ensures that our programs are accessible to qualified educational professionals with documented and verified disabilities.

Leadership Support Provided but not limited to:

  • Instructional Coach Job Alike

  • Curriculum Director Job Alike

  • Human Resource Director Job Alike

  • Assistant Principal Job Alike

  • Media and Instructional Technology Specialist Job Alike

  • School Counselor Consortium

  • Governor's Office of Student Achievement

Evaluation Services:

Counselor Keys Effectiveness System (CKES)
A comprehensive school counseling program is multi-faceted and designed with continuous evaluation and modification in mind.  The CKES aligns with the four components of a comprehensive school counseling program (Define, Manage, Deliver and Assess).  CKES is an evaluation system that will allow the state to ensure consistency and comparability across districts, based on a common definition of professional school counselor effectiveness.

School Librarian Evaluation Instrument (SLEI)
The 10 standards of the SLEI align with the AASL Standards for 21st Century Learners and the ISTE Standards for Coaches. The Future Ready Library goals of connecting real-world learning to the school environment are also integrated in the performance standards. The SLEI is an evaluation instrument that will allow Georgia to ensure consistency and comparability across districts, based on a common definition of highly qualified school library media specialists who support and enrich school environments. 

Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES)
The Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES) is a common evaluation system designed for building teacher effectiveness and ensuring consistency and comparability throughout the state. The Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES) consists of three components which provide multiple sources of data.

Leader Keys Effectiveness System (LKES)
The Leader Keys Effectiveness System consists of four components which contribute to an overall Leader Effectiveness Measure (LEM): Leader Assessment on Performance Standards (LAPS), Student Growth, School Climate Survey, and Combination of Additional Data.

Georgia School Counselor Evaluation Program (GSCEP)
State law requires that all certified professional personnel employed in Georgia school systems have their performance evaluated annually by trained evaluators. The Georgia School Counselor Evaluation Program (GSCEP) was designed to be used across all systems and schools for annual formative and summative evaluation purposes. 

Georgia School Psychologist Evaluation Program (GSPEP)
The purpose of the Georgia School Psychological Services Evaluation Instrument is to help provide for stakeholders (supervisors and school systems) the knowledge of potential areas of service in which school psychologists can be most effective, a relevant, unbiased and reliable assessment tool for use in evaluating the school psychologist in the schools, and a tool which can help the school psychologist in improving services in his or her work environment. 

Georgia School Social Worker Evaluation Program (GSSWEP)
The Georgia School Worker Evaluation Program familiarizes participants with the contents of the Georgia School Social Worker Evaluation Instrument, the scoring system, and the administrative procedures.  

Georgia Media Specialist Evaluation Program (GMSEP)
The Georgia Media Specialist Evaluation Program familiarizes participants with the contents of the Georgia Media Specialist Evaluation Instrument, the scoring system for the instrument, and the Georgia Media Specialist Evaluation Program administrative procedures.  Please note this training is for the GSMSEI instrument developed by the state in 1990.  Participants should check with their districts if they are not sure if this is the evaluation instrument being used by the system for media specialists.

Professional Learning Classes:

Professional Learning course and class schedule are maintained by the Professional Learning Department/Registrar's Office in collaboration with the various services departments. Each service department post classes in the Engagifii Registration System. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


InTASC Standards
GaPSC Educator Preparation Standards
Georgia K-12 Student Standards
ISTE Standards

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Contact Information:

Name: Katina (Nicki) Coneway
Title: Professional Learning Director