Wraparound Services

Program Overview

Each RESA Wraparound Services Coordinator works to connect communities, schools, students, and families with the resources needed to achieve academic success in partnership with other RESA staff members. Specifically, they work to assist in identification of needs by facilitating/advising student focus groups, developing surveys and connecting to local, state, and national resources to address identified needs.

For districts/schools not on a federally identified list, the Wraparound Services Coordinators provide regional training on the wraparound process and provide connections to resources.

Wraparound Services:

      • Planning process used to build constructive relationships and support networks among students and youth with emotional or behavioral disabilities (EBD) and families. It is community based, culturally relevant, individualize, strength based, and family centered. (PBIS)

      • A comprehensive, holistic, youth and family-driven way of responding when children or youth experience serious mental or behavioral challenges. (National Wraparound Initiative)

Who Needs Wraparound Supports?

Students who exhibit issues with:

    • Academics

    • Attendance

    • Behavior

    • Home/Community

Why Wraparound Services?

  • Wraparound services, like counseling or food support, help address issues of poverty, and when these services are in place, student achievement often soars.

  • These services aim to keep children and their families together through individualized services developed in a family-centered, team planning process.



Contact Information:

Veronica Bundrage